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I'm Yvette - experienced freelance copywriter and content writer for outstanding businesses who want their brand to

Do you believe in magic? I’m irresistibly pulled towards intrigue and surprise, especially when it entertains me. And as a freelance copywriter, I create these very things on behalf of my clients every week.

But there’s actually nothing magic about it.

My copywriting skills have nothing to do with making rabbits disappear* and I don’t even own a black hat. (Sorry to disappoint.)

Rather, they’re rooted firmly in getting to the heart of your brand and your customer’s journey – resulting in content that conveys your key message in a clear and compelling way. I’m about fresh, creative copywriting that gets heard above the hum to reach the right audience –

So they pay attention. So they stick around. So they become customers.

With me as your copywriter, your content will be smart, engaging and maybe a ‘lil bit different. But my word, it will be effective.

I specialise in website copywriting including brand messaging, email copywriting and branded content writing – digging deep each time to communicate key points in an appealing way.

Because while I might love words, what I’m really about is results.  

*Ok, in addition to research, testing and experience, a good freelance copywriter is a little bit magic. In a word-wizardry-creative-cauldron-kind-of-way. But it absolutely doesn’t involve white rabbits. Or black  cats. Most of the time, anyway.