I must have read a million About pages in my life, because I’m kind of exciting like that.

Some of them are excellent, and leave me with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. Crucially, I’m left knowing the story behind the site, and feeling connected to the brand. It’s subtle, but special. Maybe they’ve reassured me, maybe they’ve answered some wonderings, always: they’ve interested me.

Other About pages – meh, I’ve been indifferent.

They’re not awful, but I’m left (and leave I do) uninspired with all trace of them forgotten. We humans are fickle like that. These pages have dutifully trotted out an About Page, about their service. Not about what their customer wants to know, not about what their customer is looking for, and not about why, as a brand, they are the right fit.

Then there are the few that break my heart just a little. Because they’re poorly laid-out, badly written, and to be frank – Boring McBoringson. 

It’s hard running a business, being the decision maker. You can’t excel at everything – you don’t have the time for a start! But being smart about what you outsource, and how you market your business to your customers, means your engagement and reach grows, while you spend time on what you need to.

In short, I’ll be the expert in my field (providing a flawless freelance copywriting service) and you’ll be the expert in yours (being a dazzling business genius). Sound good?  

Since 2015, I’ve created enchanting content for businesses that people want to read, and will react to. I’ve worked with big companies, SMEs, and awesome entrepreneurs to refine their message and get it heard. I’m behind the scenes – bringing brands to life and communicating with clout. 

I deliver copy that is perfectly pitched to your client, to enhance your business:

So you will be seen above a sea of so-so content and reach the people you want.

Like Beyonce’s stylist, or Timberlake’s lyricist, you won’t see me in the fine words I weave – just the results.

Sure, I could tell you all about my love of live music, my obsession with Mad Men, and my penchant for cheese toasties, but who really cares?

You just want to be sure you’ve found an experienced freelance copywriter committed to sleek and engaging content to broadcast your message and benefit your business. And you have.

After all, you’re the star in all of this – I just know how to light you up.


Direct Response Copywriting

To provoke a call to action and increase sales and sign ups: landing pages, direct sales mail and email, e-commerce

Content Writing

To elevate your brand, impart information and engage your audience: brochures, case studies, articles, blogs, video scripts, nurture emails, newsletters, white papers

Brand Storytelling

To bring your business and brand to life and connect with your audience: About pages, Home pages, FAQs, social media strategy and content