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Email copywriting samples - eCommerce:

At Superfi a long-term ecommerce project was undertaken by freelance copywriter and content writer Yvette Lamb

Subject: Gifts to sing about this Christmas

Special someone? These wireless speakers will make their Christmas shine *

There’s no need to get your tinsel in a twist over your Christmas shopping this year.
Simply browse our range of wireless speakers – the perfect gift for people with ears.
They’ll be singing your praises as they enjoy up-to-date features and powerful sound wrapped in a stylish package.

It really will be rocking around the Christmas tree this festive season, thanks to our bestselling selection below.

Psstt: We now offer home delivery on Sundays. Make your Christmas shopping easier than ever – with Superfi. 



Subject: Bring your favourite films to life this Christmas

There’s nothing better than curling up with a favourite film at Christmas

We’ve all got a classic. One we watch every year that magically makes it feel like Christmas. What’s yours?

From The Snowman to Die Hard, Elf to The Grinch, your favourite festive films simply sound better with our pick of AV receivers, amps, speaker sets and soundbars. Immersive, true-to-life sound that places you in the heart of the story will feel like your own Christmas miracle.

Transform your home – with great-value kit you’ll enjoy long after you pack away the baubles.



eCommerce copywriting samples – product descriptions:


Website copywriting and brand messaging for Yippee adventures plus extensive ecommerce copywriting

We believe childhood should be full of adventures – experiences that make you leap, run and brim with enjoyment over and over again.

Our Yippee scrapbook set is jam-packed with activities to last through childhood – and can be kept forever.

– Fill the scrapbook with special memories and each Yippee moment sticker. Our carefully crafted list of 175 adventures is a celebration of childhood made up of big and little adventures to embark on together!

– Send your postcard to a special pal to begin a fun and lasting chapter in your friendship!

– Hang up the poster of ‘100 awesome adventures to do you before grow up’ and add a smiley to each awesome adventure you complete!

This kit makes a perfect Birthday or Christmas gift and offers fun and educational ideas for sharing truly memorable experiences.

Ready? Steady? Yippee! Let’s adventure!



At Superfi a long-term ecommerce project was undertaken by freelance copywriter and content writer Yvette Lamb


Best home cinema amplifier under £500

“A fantastic-sounding AV amp that ticks all the right boxes” – What Hi-Fi, October 2018

The Sony STR-DN1080 is an Ultra High Definition 4K receiver that delivers an immersive home cinema experience. With an award-winning performance, the STR-DN1080 is destined to impress.

Let the pioneering technology envelope you in cinematic sound

…unlike anything else you’ve experienced at home. The Dolby Atmos feature, one of the most significant developments in cinema audio, transports you into the story as you sink into sound all around you.

Enjoy exceptional 4K screen quality 

4K pass-through allows video signals to travel without any loss of information, therefore maintaining the image from source through to the TV screen.

Bask in High-Resolution Audio

Sony’s STR-DN1080 has seven 165W surround channels and supports a variety of High-Resolution Audio formats. This means you enjoy the most subtle of sound nuances and studio-quality music with better-than-CD reproduction.

Stream with confidence

Wi-Fi, Chromecast and AirPlay are also included so you can enjoy tracks stored on a smartphone or from the internet in the highest quality. The Sony Music Center App also lets you stream songs to selected Sony wireless soundbars and speakers all around the house.

With 360º surround sound and packed with relevant features, this Sony AV receiver offers its purchaser a truly breathtaking experience in home cinema and audio.


Website copywriting and brand messaging sample. This About page was created to bring to life a bespoke, high-end design service and to capture the essence of its brand:

Brand messaging and full website copywriting of about page, homepage and services for Tina Nisson Design

Creating something amazing?

Based in London, you’ll find me immersed in mood boards or treading the rooms of the city’s finest venues – my head or hands full of one-of-a-kind serving props. The look of a delighted guest is my happy place and the hustle and bustle of an event wonderland my home. 

Over the last ten years I’ve been lucky enough to have designed some of the UK’s most stylish events. Weaving striking themes and luxury equipment around beautiful venues like Kensington Palace, the V&A, St Paul’s Cathedral and the National History Museum – to name just a few! I’ve styled events for prestigious brands including ITV, Manolo Blahnik, Sony, Google and Fox – living and breathing my role to ensure every client is delivered nothing short of sensational. 

I thrill in knowing an event is everything it could be – and if you’re reading this I’m willing to bet you’re also a fan of captivating. Of course you are!  

I also understand the pressure one shot at perfection brings. It’s why I’ve helped countless clients, from brilliant businesses to blushing brides, wow their guests with fun and unique design solutions.  

I work to ensure everything we create is utterly you and wholly exquisite – it’s just how I roll.

‘Tina is the food station queen!’

– Bubble food  

Having worked in the events industry for over 15 years – starting Tina Nisson Design in 2011, I’ve built an industry reputation for fresh, bold creations. As the wedding and event stylist for the Langham Hotel and the sole supplier of a luxurious range of serving hire equipment, a big part of what I do is forecasting trends – way before they see the light of Instagram! It means I bring on-the-pulse experience to your event, and it’s why many of the items you hire from me are exclusive – and haven’t been seen a hundred times before.  

Each event is treated uniquely and planned without limits – to ensure your event is memorable and packed with personality.

Ready to reach event status A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

[Let’s talk]

Branded content sample. The key focus was on building a positive connection between the brand and consumer and to place the brand as a trusted expert in baby care:

Regular branded content copywriting is provided for Content Consultants by Yvette Lamb

Celebrating your baby’s first tooth

Your baby’s first year is brimming with ‘firsts’ – and almost more milestones than you can keep up with! While every new experience is special, your little one’s first tooth is always cause for cheer and his adorable toothy grin something to smile about.

Each new tooth is a sign of your baby’s healthy growth, so definitely a reason to celebrate. His 20 milk teeth are important for speech and facial development, for paving the way for his adult teeth and for helping him sample and chew new foods.

While every baby is different and some will sprout teeth earlier or later, you can usually expect his first tooth to arrive between 6 and 9 months old.

Fun ways to celebrate your baby’s first tooth

Many cultures have special rituals for celebrating the arrival of a baby’s first tooth. In Russia, a common custom is for a close relative to gift the baby a silver spoon to be fed a meal with. A popular Jewish tradition involves the baby’s grandmother cooking a dish of wheat, lentils, beans and rice to share with neighbours. This stems from the belief that, just like the cooked grains, the baby’s gums will soften so that his emerging teeth cause him less pain.

Also centred around food, a traditional Lebanese celebration involves gifting snayniyeh, a cooked dessert, to family and friends who return the emptied dish with presents for the baby.  

Your parents or grandparents may have an established custom – or you can begin your own celebratory ritual as a family. It could be capturing a photo of his new toothy smile to frame, perhaps with him holding a sign or baby milestone card. Or you may wish to hold a special dinner to mark the occasion. 

Whatever your choice, celebrating this special milestone is part of the precious first year with your baby, and of your journey as his parent.

Signs your baby might be teething

Symptoms of teething can vary from baby to baby, but you may notice your little one experiencing some of the following before a tooth breaks through:


·        Heavy dribbling or drooling, which may result in soreness around his mouth

·        Sucking his hands and rubbing his gums

·        Flushed cheeks

·        Waking more than usual

·        Crying and difficulty settling

·        Ear rubbing

·        Red and swollen gums

As the tooth breaks through to the surface it will likely cause your little one some discomfort. He may find milk feeds soothing and want to feed more regularly, or he may temporarily turn away from the breast or bottle due to painful gums.

You know your baby best, so see your GP if you’re concerned that his symptoms are a sign of illness rather than teething.

Easing your baby’s teething pain

While teething is part of your baby’s healthy development, it’s difficult seeing him in distress. Fortunately, there are things that can help ease his pain and make him more comfortable.

In the first instance, simply rubbing a clean finger over your baby’s gums can offer him some soothing relief. Sore skin due to drooling can be helped by gently drying around your baby’s mouth and chin regularly. You could also try applying some petroleum jelly to the area to act as a protective barrier.


Some pressure from chewing will give him some relief, too, so offer your baby something to bite on, such as a damp flannel or a sterilised teething ring. You can pop both of these in the fridge to chill first, which may comfort him further. If he’s over 6 months and you’ve begun weaning, cold foods can also be soothing. Try offering your baby cucumber sticks and apple slices or giving him cold fruit purees made from berries or strawberries.


Don’t freeze teething rings or flannels as this can cause damage to your baby’s gums. Always supervise him when he’s chewing, and steer clear of anything that could be a choking hazard for your baby.

Sometimes your baby will still be distressed from the pain in his gums and infant paracetamol or ibuprofen may be necessary. CALPOL ® Infant Suspension provides soothing relief from the pain associated with teething when your baby needs it. It starts to work in just 15 minutes while still being gentle on delicate tummies. Trusted by parents for over 50 years, CALPOL ® Infant Suspension is gentle enough to give to your baby from 2 months.

CALPROFEN® is a sugar and colour-free ibuprofen-only medicine, which lasts for up to 8 hours. It can be given to your baby as fast-acting relief from the pain associated with teething and is suitable from aged 3 months. Both CALPROFEN® and CALPOL ® Infant Suspension come with an easy dose syringe for simple administering.

Teething can be tough on you as well as your little one. Try to take it as easy as you can after a sleepless night and rest when possible. You and your baby will go through many phases together, each with some highs and lows. Just remember that discomfort from teething will soon pass and be replaced with even more milestones and special moments to cherish and celebrate together.