What types of copywriting do you do?

While I have covered every kind of copy from Ecommerce to case studies, I specialise in website copy and rewrites, and emails. 

I work with a lot of service businesses: experts who provide intangible but essential products to their clients, such as healthcare, coaching and leisure – to name a few! However, many of my favourite copywriting projects have been for innovative and unique products, and I enjoy finding the very core of these and showcasing the solutions they offer to the target consumer. 

Like any experienced copywriter worth their salt, I always research topic, audience, tone of voice and the brand’s story to deliver precise results.

I’m busy! How much time will this take?

Yep, I get it. One of the advantages of hiring a copywriter is to save precious time. You’re awesome at what you do and absolutely should dedicate your time to that, while I spend mine doing what I do best. I’m here to make your life easier. 

The process once I receive your initial enquiry, is to send you a questionnaire to find out about your business and its copy needs. We then hop on a quick call to share thoughts and initial ideas. Then it’s contract and deposit time, where we agree the scope and timescale, and I’m off. Depending on the size of the project, I will need feedback at certain points, because communication is key to success. But otherwise, I do my thing and deliver your copy. I always include two rounds of rewrites as standard, but as I gather so much info at the start, I have yet to find my wheels on the wrong track.   

What are your rates?

I am very transparent about my rates, but usually charge by project, tailored to the type and volume of work. There are exceptions: some clients such as digital agencies prefer day rates, and I often work for businesses on a retainer, as many have ongoing content needs. This can be regular email sequences, social media copy, and blog posts for example, and retainers are always discounted as I account for time saved in reduced research and in setting out proposals and contracts.

I believe in providing a reasonably priced, high-quality copywriting service, with content that offers clear value to your business and therefore a return on your investment.  

If you have need for one-off copy, you can simply send me over a brief, which I will quote for, or you can email or call to discuss larger projects. I can be reached on yvette@yvettelamb.co.uk or 07967028935 and will get back to you within 24 hours.

Full website copy is a longer process (see above question!), but I aim to be as accommodating as possible, depending on workload at the time. Just get in touch to check availability and for further info.  

Do you offer on-site copywriting or remote?

I do both, especially for design and marketing agencies in the East Midlands – primarily Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Staffordshire – who I support with project overflow.

If you are based in or near Nottingham, UK and would like to meet face-to-face, that’s no problem (mine’s tea with milk and no sugar please!). But for most of the week you’ll find me working from home, maximising my hours to provide you with the most effective service.

Do you write in US or British English?

I work with clients on both sides of the pond, and even though I am UK based, adore the US and switching spelling and grammar rules for my American buddies. I also often find myself in sync with Canada, New York and the West Coast thanks to working part of my week during the evening.

I’m new to copywriting. Any advice?

Sure! I have oodles – too much to write here. Many of my blog posts offer free copywriting and marketing tips, which you can sign-up for at the bottom of the page.

I can also highly recommend:

and the following websites:

But of course, the main thing is, you’ve gotta’ put in the work and you’ve gotta’ put in the training. Good copywriting is about so much more than grammar and decent writing. There’s a lot to learn and no shortcuts.  I love what I do, so don’t mind working my socks off, clocking off late, and reading about white papers in my spare time, but being self-employed is not for the faint of heart, I tell ‘ye.