I see you still

crowds of lego people, representing working mothers, fighting to be seen
Credit: Eak_kkk, Pixabay

In the shadows, masked behind the bright light of others
I see you still, 
your volume lowered 

Still around, still rushing from place to place,
still moving on to the next job, the next to-do

Catching your breath, drinking it all in

Under the chaotic mornings and the plate spinning, 
the early starts and the juggling of childcare and work and another school holiday. 
Behind the messy house and the hastily wiped faces 
and just visible beneath the race to get there on time, and leave, and get back

You’re still here, still you. Still trying to carve a path 
and not fall off the edge of the mountain 

You’re still running and playing, hugging and tucking in.
Retrieving lost toys, re-telling favourite stories, brushing little teeth, holding tiny hands. 
Watching, waiting, not wanting to miss a thing
and feeling all of the things when you inevitably do 

Beneath the calm exterior I see the bruises from splitting yourself a million different ways, 
the chances you’ve missed, the times you’ve felt you’ll never get this right
I see the tightrope, the balancing, the falls. 

I see you rise up, again 
ready, again

I see the grit, the dedication, the loyalty. 
I see all of the times you give more when really you just want to rest for a minute. 
I see you play another game, sing another song, meet another deadline, answer another email 

I see you working the hardest you’ve ever worked, 
juggling the most you’ve ever juggled. 
Feeling the pressure on your shoulders but also the sun on your back
as you stumble and skip through these hazy, crazy days; 
through the weeks and months and years that slip by so fast

You’re still here, still doing this, still in view

I see your fears and your doubts and your pride,
the strength, worries and bliss 
and all you carry with you through your everyday:
the tiredness, the tears, the hot, happy mess of your heart

I see you smashing it
I see so many women just like you.

Your greatness, it shines so bright, beneath the surface of each wave

Based in Nottingham, I work as a freelance copywriter with marketing agencies and businesses across the UK. More working mum talk over on my Facebook page, Write Like a Mother. 

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